Shinzu Legends

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Day & Night Cycle

Shinzu Legends features a day and night system that looks very beautiful. This system also plays a very big role in a few other features in the game, like altering the growth of seeds, and other events.

Seasons & Weather

Snow, rain and thunder are all a part of Olucia. Every weather type affects different elements of the game in their own unique way, like growing fruit or crossing lakes, etc.


Your character travels long distances with his Guardians. Traveling makes one hungry! Catch some fish and prepare yourself a nice meal!


Get those crops going with a fun and interactive farming system. Grow many different fruits, and sell them for money, feed them to your Guardian or give them as gifts to improve your friendship with the citizens of Olucia!

Player Homes

Players can own a house in different towns. In addition you can upgrade your home whenever you have the resources and/or tokens required to do so.

Blow everyone in Olucia away with your mansion!

Love and Friendship

Everyone in Olucia can become either your biggest rival, or your best friend and even your other half! Don't like someone? Throw a rock! Are you liking that girl from the other town? Give her presents!