Shinzu Legends

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The full game, complete with all maps, quests and everything else. Any future updates will be free of charge with the exception of any DLC or Expansion Packs.

(Not available yet)

Before buying the game, we recommend downloading the trial first to make sure the game runs fine on your computer and to check if you like the game or not. If by any chance you happen to not like the game, we will make sure to send you a comfort cake and a 'thank you' for trying anyway.

Recommenced System Requirements:

CPU: 1.2 GHz
GPU: 512 MB
HDD/SSD Space: 600 MB

Required 3rd party software
XNA 4.0 Redistributable (Download
DirectX (Download)

Q: Nothing happens when I try to start the game from desktop.
A: The installation must have failed installing XNA 4.0. Install it manually by downloading XNA 4.0 from the link

Q: I keep getting errors when trying to launch the game.
A:My guess is that you're missing some drivers or some our not updated. Try downloading and installing DirectX
from the link above and make sure that your video drivers are Capable/up-to-date.

Note that XNA 4.0 and DirectX should normally be installed automatically after installing the game. But if it does not work, you can download them from the "(Download)" links above. A good indication that you don't have XNA 4.0 installed is when you try to start the game and nothing happens.