Shinzu Legends

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Shinzu Legends - The Lost Relics

~ The good ~
Shin-Tech Co. has officially opened the Grand Tournament to all trainers of Olucia. Grab your Guardians and show off your abilities in Shin-tech's League of Masters! Earn and discover tons of powerful Relics to boost your Guardians and battle your way all the way through a series of events and challenges and become Olucia's most aknowledged and skilled Guardian Master! Meet new people all over Olucia, duel them and collect their phone numbers for a rematch whenever they think they are ready to beat you!

~ The Bad ~
Neocorp appears from the shadows with a dark and heartless plan to steal as many Guardians and Guardian Eggs as possible for their evil masterplan. What their plan is, is entirely up to you to find out and hopefully put an end to. Challenge Neocorp's associates and leaders to dig yourself into Neocorp's story. Face and stop a hungry-for-power CEO of an organisation that does not belong in Olucia and bring peace back to the people and their Guardians.

::: Notice :::
Not a single Guardian was harmed in the process of making this game!